Kite Spots

1/ Kite beach : THE spot to learn how to kite : constant strong side-on wind, with clear water and little waves

2/ Canoa : Nice surfing spot for beginners, beach break

3/ Ponta Preta : For experts, famous big right waves spot, reef break

4/ Ponta do Sino : For intermediates to experts, off-shore, beach break

5/ Ponta Leme : For intermediates to experts, left waves, reef break

6/ Monte Leao : For beginners to intermediates, nice surfing spot, beach break

7/ Secret spot : For beginners to experts, reef break

8/ Ali Baba : For real experts +++, right waves, reef break, pretty dangerous

Zona Tanquinho 1° (in front of Leme Bedje)

Santa Maria, Sal, Cabo Verde 

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